Shelf Medication opens February 7th and runs until March 17th in Seattle, WA at Treason Gallery.

We are all addicted. From no name to brand name we use brands. Shelf Medication is a visual exploration into our addiction and relationships with brand culture and consumerism. The work in this exhibition speaks to the manipulation we are all subjected to through brand advertising. These corporate brands play to our insecurities, wants and needs so significantly that we have become addicts to the feelings that they provide. Our identities have become a commodity one can simply purchase. Shopping and consumption have now become our medication.

Shelf Medication intends to bombard the viewer with the signature style mixed media that DENIAL has become known for, ranging from multi layered aerosol stencil work and sign making to assemblage of re-imagined found objects which all reiterate a disdain for corporate power and greed. Shelf Medication displays parallels between our addiction to brand identity and addiction to pharmaceuticals while subversively imagining this vicious cycle of addiction.

We pay for the advertising which inundates our lives. We pay for the brainwashing which creates the value in the brand, we are addicted to the invisible value created by this marketing but to what end?